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Rambo V done deal?

Rambo.jpgI totally missed this announcement, as it seems a lot of us did, but Rambo V is ready to start production as it was announced from Lionsgate that Rambo V was on it's slate with Sylvester Stallone set to write and direct it.

Yes, I could hardly believe it at all. I do remember that it was said, and I think by Bob Weinstein, that they had an idea to bring Rambo back to the U.S., and if they could do it they would. Well maybe they are about to do it.

The Hollywood Reporter through Jo Blo revealed the Lionsgate press release about the films they were going to be working on, and this is how it went:

“On the development horizon are "Warrior," which Gavin O'Connor co-wrote and will direct; "Conan," a fast-tracked project with multiple scripts in the works; "Severance Package," with Brett Simon writing and directing; "Rambo V," to be written and directed by Sylvester Stallone; "Korean Wedding" from writer Jason Filardi; and "Kane & Lynch," a video game adaptation that will star Bruce Willis.”

Rambo V to be written and directed by Sylvester Stallone? Could he really be sending Rambo back to the U.S. for another outing? Well it looks like it could well be happening.

Let's just skip over the confirmation of the rumour that Bruce Willis is in the Kane & Lynch screen adaptation.

Rambo V? Superb. Rambo was a fantastic film to finish off the franchise, but there certainly is space for another isn't there?



I thought Rambo was pretty good, although it felt a bit short.

Rambo was a great way to finish the franchise, but I have no problem with a Rambo V. Cool.


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