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Ratner refused Guitar Hero film

Aerosmith.jpgBrett Ratner is not being allowed to make the Guitar Hero film that he wanted to, and it's the makers of the video game that want to stop him, and in fact have.

Despite his desire to make a film out of the unfilmable, Activision would rather the game rested on its own success and doesn't need a film adaptation. So who's the sensible one?

Brett Ratner revealed the let down through Hollywood Insider, where he revealed the good news.

Previously we had heard that he wanted to make a film out of a game that lets you play along with rock bands and score points for getting the guitar chords right and on time.

Apparently, and what a surprise this is, Activision are saying no to the idea because they think it's such a success anyway, and it most certainly is, I mean Aerosmith have their own version of the game featuring their performances and likenesses - a game I was already talking about and wondering if they might receive a film of their lives.

Ratner reveals his disappointment:

"I'd really like to do it, but they're not letting me...I expressed my interest, but because it's such a success, it's like now there's no reason to make a movie about it."

However he believes that he's going to win:

"I might prevail...I usually do."

What's the plot though? Is it about someone who plays it a lot and gets discovered while playing it only to become famous? Oh dear me. Oh, maybe they could have something where the band have to find a replacement for their guitarist and take to the Guitar Hero online, or...oh who knows, although Ratner suggests he ight already have an idea:

"The game is wish-fulfilling, everyone can be a rock star"

That sounds like what I was just saying. Whatever it's going to be it can't be that strong a plot can it?



Is he really that desperate? Gosh...

Poor Boy... Maybe He just want to take advantages from the popularity of the game..


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