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Revolutionary Road trailer online

RevolutionaryRoad.jpgThe film that is being touted as reuniting Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, a fact that I find incredibly sad and demeaning to the film, the story and all those concerned in making the film, has a trailer, or rather a first look online.

Revolutionary Road is based on the novel by Richard Yates and tells the story of a couple in the mid-1950's who settle down into suburban life with their two children and realise that they both want more than the same thing that everyone else has, perhaps when it's just too late.

Hopefully there's more to this than, as the television show says before showing the Revolutionary Road footage, the reuniting of the Titanic couple, after all there should be considering the story and the director Sam Mendes.

Here's the trailer found through /Film. It does look okay, but it's not really grabbing me. There looks to be plenty of tension between the couple, but with just that as a reference it doesn't build up much to it other than them.

It would seem even the marketing people are concentrating on the Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio reunion. See for yourself.



Thanks for the post Richard, the film looks good.

Looks fairly interesting. Don't know if I'd hit the cinema for it. Might be a DVD job. Man I hate those entertainment presenters, so perky.


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