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Saw V clip online

SawV.jpgThis is being described as various things, a trailer, a teaser, a red band clip. It's a clip from Saw V. A scene setting up one of Jigsaw's many torture moments and showing you the twist in the tail. It does include a little blood, but I think it's pushing it for me to claim it's red band too.

So there's a clip for Saw V online, and if we were to look at it with dispassionate eyes we'd see just another torture set-up scene, one we've seen time and time again now, and there's nothing that special about it.

Okay, there is the surprise that it doesn't actually end on screen, but I'm actually wondering if the series is becoming a collection of these torture scenes with a little story to link them together.

Have a look at the clip found through HorrorMovies.ca and see if you think the Saw series is beginning to grate a little. I think it would have been cool if they took a totally different approach to the trailer all of a sudden, it's about time that they rebuilt interest in the series rather than just bleeding it dry for every last drop.

Anyway, here's the clip for Saw V.



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