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Schwarzenegger in T4?

Terminator.jpgA Terminator film without Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't seem right. But it turns out Arnie could be making an appearance, by some CGI trickery and a voiceover. He's been spotted on the set on Terminator 4, alongside Christian Bale.

This is all rumour at this stage. But if it's true the plot really could go anywhere. My head hurts.

Last we heard from Arnold Schwarzenegger, he wasn't exactly glowing in his review of the Terminator 4 footage he'd seen so far. But now rumour has it, he could yet be in the new film. Given his current day job as Governor of California, a starring role in a film is unrealistic. However a photo has appeared online apparently showing Arnie on the set, talking to Christian Bale.

Latino Review has the photo, it could just mean he's paying the set a visit, or it could mean a bit more. The rumour, supposedly from someone in Warner Bros., is that Arnie has been doing some voiceover work for the film. And the plan is to replace Roland Kickinger's face with a digital version of Arnie.

All of that sounds possible, but it could also all be rumour. So I guess we take it with a pinch of salt for now. I suppose it would solve the problem of Arnie not having the time to devote to a film these days. Could it be Arnie appears as a newer version of Kickinger's Terminator?

Would you want Arnie back this way? Do you think it would work?



I wouldn't mind if there was just a photo of Arnold or even a mention, so to have him appear in a CG form then that's a bonus. Fingers crossed that he actually appears!

I agree, it would be great if he was in it in some capacity. I suppose once his term as Governor is over he might be back for later Terminator films. We can but hope.


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