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Site banners in memoria

You may have noticed a few things about the site over the last week. One is that Louise has taken over, and the other are the new banners.

Let me explain. My mother passed away on the morning of Wednesday the 24th, and so I haven't been thinking much of Filmstalker and devoting the time to it that it needs.

So Louise kindly offered to look after it for me, doing as much as she could to keep it ticking over, and she's doing a great job.

Today I've popped back to my house for an evening before heading back to my Dad's house for another week. I may get some writing done later this week once the service is over and life is starting to get on track once again. In the meantime, you're in the hands of Louise.

Also I've changed the banners on the site to remember my wonderful mother who showed me more strength and compassion in these past few weeks than I ever thought was possible. There are a few shots from her life, when she was a child, when she was courting my father, marrying my Dad, with the family when my brother and I were young, and finally at my wedding.

It was emotional preparing them and seeing them on the site for the first time, and I plan to leave them up there for a week or so in order to remember her by.

To my mother who is sorely missed and much loved.



With deepest sympathy to you at this time.

A wonderful sentiment (to share some family photos).

Very touching, Richard. A lovely thought.

Thinking of you and your family at this time of your loss. I am sure that even if I did not have the privilege of knowing your mum, she must have been a wonderful woman and will be greatly missed.

That's a wonderful tribute to your mother Richard. Seriously, all condolences and best wishes to you and your family at this very sad time.

Thanks to you all for the kind words.

The ceremony was today and we're all winding down from the day. Now it's onto life without her.

Back to Filmstalker this weekend...

I think the banners look great. They really bring the website to life.

Banners Direct of the UK people, that's the company with the audacity to hide an advert in a fake comment on a post about my mother dying.

Well done. You should be very happy your marketing strategy is going so well. You should be ashamed.


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