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Snyder makes games for EA

ZachSnyder.jpgThe videogame and film world are collaborating again. Zach Snyder has agreed to develop three original games for Electronic Arts. He's not the first director to turn his hand to videogames, with Steven Spielberg already having one in the bag.

As you'd expect, the deal also means that Snyder can make the games into films should he choose to.

Zach Snyder, director of 300, will make three games for Electronic Arts. The games will all be original productions. EA think he is the right man to be able to produce games for their main market. Frank Gibeau, of EA, had this to say to Variety.

Zack Snyder has a fresh and bold creative style that resonates with our core audience.

I wonder what he'll come up with. I'm fairly excited to see what kind of games they are. They'll no doubt be visually stunning if 300 is anything to go by. And then there is the possibility of film versions of them. Could a director making a videogame, and then making it into a film work? We might just see one of the few adaptations that deliver. I just jinxed it didn't I.



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