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Stalked: Appaloosa and Big Lebowski hopeful sequels

EdHarris.jpgBoth Appaloosa and The Big Lebowski are in the media this week being touted as possibly having sequels made. However they are both rather tenuous and “wished for” rather than actually happening.

In the case of Appaloosa it’s a strong suggestion though since writer, director and star Ed Harris is talking about the possibility, but with The Big Lebowski it’s a few more stars of the film saying “that would be nice”.

Appaloosa hasn’t even been released yet and so there’s no idea of how successful it’s going to be or how much money it’s going to take in, but still Ed Harris is talking about making more. The film comes from the novel by Robert B. Parker, and he has already written one sequel to the film called Resolution and is in the process of writing another, now that may spell trilogy to most Hollywood folk, but Ed Harris is thinking of just one more.

Over at MTV Movies Blog he says that he thinks they could be made into one sequel, now that’s an interesting sign and suggests that he’s not just jumping on the horse wagon and trying to go for the hard cash.

Usually when we hear one of the stars of a film talking about sequels before the first film is even seen by the public, it’s just wishful thinking. However here Harris is the one talking and he’s the writer and director of the screenplay.

Add to that the fact that the film has been getting very positive early reviews and that Parker has a strong readership, and we might just be getting another film, if not the full trilogy. Here’s what he says about the plot for the film, and beware, this might mean spoilers, I have no idea:

“[The sequel would focus on the] same characters: Cole, Allie (Renee Zellweger), and Hitch (Viggo Mortensen) pretty much…Allie runs off with some other guy. Cole tracks this guy down and shoots him, in cold-blooded murder. And then he goes and finds Hitch in this town, and they go partner up and they go to find Allie in Texas somewhere…She’s in some whorehouse there…She’s really in bad shape.”

Will it work?

Then there’s The Big Lebowski sequel talk, and that’s even more tenuous, for this one’s just the stars wishing that there was going to be another film. Again from MTV come the comments from Philip Seymour Hoffman when asked about the sequel:

“That’s just like a sick thought, isn’t it?...I love that [Lebowski] has a life now. I had a ball making it.”

Julianne Moore also had an opinion on it all when asked about it:

“I think she has a role in everybody’s universe…Maude abides too!...She’s with The Dude somewhere, man…She had The Dude’s baby, remember? So there’s a mini-Dude out there. [Maybe the movie] is called ‘Mini-Dude’!”

Of course these are really leading comments because they are being specifically asked “what if?”, and these tend to result in “I’d love to” comments, after all you wouldn’t want to be thought to be out of the running for a role if the studio ever did decide to create another sequel.



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