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Stalked: Cruz and Almodovar, Hercules, The Fall on DVD

Penélope Cruz and Pedro Almodovar are teaming up again for a four way love noir film...

Steven Spielberg's The 39 Clues has a writer...

Sheldon Lettich is developing Hercules: The Beginning starring Alexander Nevsky...

Tarsem Singh's The Fall is going to DVD...

Penélope Cruz and Pedro Almodovar are teaming up again for a four way love noir film called Broken Embraces which the director describes as an amour fou which involves four characters played by Cruz, Blanca Portillo, Lluís Homar and José Luis Gómez. It's a noir thriller romance, which covers a hell of a lot of bases already, an marks the fourth film they've done together after Live Flesh, All About My Mother and Volver. The story comes from Empire.

Jeff Nathanson has been hired to write The 39 Clues adapted from the novel by Rick Riordan The Maze of Bones, a film that will be part of a multiplatform adventure series which we heard is being produced over at DreamWorks. Over at The Hollywood Reporter they speculate that this might mean Steven Spielberg is going to direct the film because the two have been writing and directing together on a number of big projects.

The series is an interactive adventure for young children and involves books, online games and collectable cards (cash registers are ringing at DreamWorks) all in order for the audience to try and solve the mystery through the main website where sleuths can record their progress.

Sheldon Lettich, who co-wrote Rambo III, is to develop a...wait for it...reimagining of the Hercules series, surprisingly though the story from Variety doesn't mention Batman, or a darker origin story! Hercules: The Beginning is being produced by Alexander Nevsky who is also going to star. Who? He's a Russian bodybuilder turned actor and writer, that's who.

Tarsem Singh's The Fall (Filmstalker review) is superb, really, read the review, but there might be a shock coming to those wanting to see it in all its glory on the big screen. It might not be coming. IMDB says that the US release was the 30th of May with Russia on the 3rd of January, Netherlands on the 1st of May, 6th of September for Japan, 3rd of October in the UK and 8th October for Belgium.

However I'm not hearing anything about it being shown near me, and that goes the same for Marina over at RowThree, so she carries the news that Tarsem Singh's The Fall is heading for DVD, and a single disc release at that.

Commentary with Writer/Director Tarsem
Commentary with Lee Pace, Writer/Producer Nico Soultanakis and Writer Dan Gilroy
Deleted Scenes
2 Behind-the-Scene Featurettes - an artistic look at the film's production

It's hitting the streets in the US, and I'm disappointed. I really want to see a big screen release, it does look gorgeous and deserves to be there. However if it's got to be DVD then that's the way it'll be, and despite the two commentary tracks and deleted scenes I'm holding out for a special edition, or at least a great Blu-ray transfer.



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