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Stalked: Deadgirl and new Elite Squad trailers

There's a new trailer for the excellent Elite Squad aka Tropa de Elite (Filmstalker review), well I haven't seen it before, and there's a trailer online for a rather interesting film called Deadgirl.

Tropa de Elite (Filmstalker review) is a pretty intense film that looks at the corrupt police force in Rio de Janeiro and the work of their elite team, BOPE, who not only have to maintain order in the slum districts called the favelas, but also to police their own corrupt force.

It's a challenging and demanding job, and as the lead of one of the BOPE teams decides it's time to end his career, he is tasked with the role of finding one of his replacements.

You can see the trailer over at Apple Trailers [QT:iPod:S:M:L].

Meanwhile Deadgirl is a film about two high school losers who discover a girl who is strapped to a table in a hidden chamber in an abandoned sanatorium. Now I'm not sure if the story has the girl dead or alive when they find her, but she's certainly not well. Without knowing what's going on they decide to do something that raises the hackles as soon as you hear the comment in the trailer, and that's the moment that made me decide to put the trailer up here.

You can see the first look trailer [Flash:Embed] online over at the official site through Quiet Earth.

Black humour, death, a bit of not safe for work nudity, and some twisted morality characters? Oh I think it looks good.



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