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Stalked: DeNiro leaves Darkness, Kick-Ass script review, Washington in Book of Eli, Fincher for Torso

DeNiro leaves Edge of Darkness...

There's a review of the Kick-Ass script online, if you can understand it...

Denzel Washington joins another after the end of the world film...

David Fincher to direct Matt Damon as Elliot Ness in Torso, 1930's serial killer film...

There's no real reason given for Robert DeNiro leaving the production of Edge of Darkness other than that easy get out clause, creative differences. However the news is he's gone, and I think that's probably a good thing all round for the film considering his performances of late, he's not the actor he once was. Martin Campbell now has to find a new star to headline alongside Mel Gibson in the remake of the BBC television series which he also directed. The story comes from somewhere on Variety through JoBlo.

There's a review of the Kick-Ass script online, the adaptation of the next comic book from Mark Miller to reach the production line. However I can't understand the plot from reading it, and I hope it's just rushed writing on the part of Latino Review, otherwise that script sounds terrible. See what you think.

Denzel Washington is to star in a post-apocalyptic film called the Book of Eli. Allen and Albert Hughes are set to direct, they directed Menace II Society, Dead Presidents and From Hell. America is a wasteland (not far from today's America then) and a lone warrior is fighting to give what is left of society the answer to its redemption. Interesting to note that Gary Whitta is one of the writers and he recently adapted Akira into two live-action films, good man, Anthony Peckham is the other writer and he has a number of strong scripts under his belt. This might sound a lot better than the blurb from Yahoo News.

David Fincher may well be set to direct another serial killer film called Torso. Simply put the killer in this one always leaves the torso of his victim, nice. That idea must have cost an arm and a leg...well two actually. Interestingly though this story is going to take place in the 1930's with the character of Elliot Ness trying to solve the murders and clean up the town, and that brings a really interesting twist to the idea. Rumour is, from Plain Dealer through Jo Blo, that Matt Damon will play Ness.



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