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Stalked: Jessica Alba Invisible, Val Kilmer Identity, Will Smith Pharaoh

Jessica Alba will lead An Invisible Sign of My Own...

Val Kilmer is set to star in Fake Identity...

Will Smith is to star in The Last Pharaoh...

Jessica Alba is set to lead the film An Invisible Sign of My Own which is based on the story by Aimee Bender and tells the story of a woman who has turned away from the real world and focuses on numbers and mathematics as a retreat. For some reason she decides to return to the real life and becomes a second-grade maths teacher. The story comes from Variety. Interestingly America Ferrara looked like she was set to play the lead.

Val Kilmer is to star in a crime thriller called Fake Identity which will feature an American doctor working in Chechnya who helps a woman escape from someone. After that his life is turned upside down as he's involved with something much bigger than a woman running to save her own life. The story comes from Variety.

Will Smith is to star in The Last Pharaoh which is to be written by Randall Wallace, the man who took liberty with Scottish history to write Braveheart. The story will see Smith play Taharqa, the Egyptian Pharaoh who fought Assurian forces lead by Esarhaddon from 677BC. The story comes from Variety.



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