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Stalked: Jolie,Affleck,Green Hornet

Angelina Jolie will be Salt.

Ben Affleck will hit by the credit crunch.

And Michael Pena could be joining Green Hornet.

Angelina Jolie has been confirmed as Tom Cruise's replacement in Edwin A Salt. Despite rumours that having recently given birth to twins she might pull out, Moviehole say she will definitely be starring in the film. It is now simply called Salt. The plot has Jolie as a CIA spy, wrongly fingered as a Russian sleeper spy. She sets out to prove her innocence, and that she isn't planning on assassinating the President. I'm way more interested in this one now Cruise is out and the part is now a woman instead.

Ben Affleck is to star in a film inspired by the credit crunch. In The Company Men, Affleck will play a man forced to downsize after a financial fall. I guess we can expect more of these films to come. The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

With Seth Rogen and Stephen Chow starring in Green Hornet, another cast member is close to being added. Or so he says. According to IESB, through Cinema Blend, Michael Pena says he has been offered a role in the film. No confirmation of what that role is yet though. Green Hornet is starting to get very interesting. Rogen writing, Chow directing and a good supporting cast.



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