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Stalked: New films galore: Science Fiction and hostage taking

Doomsday Protocol from Shane Salerno is a modern The Seven Samurai and The Last Starfighter...

A tale that sounds like many other films including the mini-series V with an Earth under control of aliens...

Operation Checkmate is the story of the high level hostage rescue from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia...

Fox has picked up Doomsday Protocol, a new script from Shane Salerno that sounds rather interesting. The story, from The Hollywood Reporter, tells us nothing as the story is being kept under wraps, well nothing other than it's a huge science fiction epic in the same vein as The Seven Samurai and a group of aliens and humans with various who are brought together to save Earth...wasn't that The Last Starfighter or Battle Beyond the Stars?

More script announcements as Variety tells us that Matt Cirulnick and David Manpearl have had their science fiction script pitch picked up, and it too is an epic tale - is Hollywood entering a time of huge sci-fi epics then? - It tells the story of a time when the planet has been taken over by an alien race and humans have been made the inferior race, at the mercy of the invading aliens. It's being pitched as a series with the first story being where a man escapes from prison and leads the human uprising - V anyone? That's the thing about short pitches, you can't help but have heard them before.

Jessica Postigo has been signed up to write Operation Checkmate, the story of the hostages that were held by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, known as FARC. The film follows the viewpoint of the military rescuers who fooled FARC into releasing fifteen hostages, including the presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt. According to Variety Simon Brand is lined up to direct the film.



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