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Stalked: The Substitute and Just Another Love Story for remakes

Two films from the Danish director Ole Bornedal are are set for remakes through Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures production company, The Substitute and Just Another Love Story.

Bornedal has already remade one of his own films for the U.S. market before, although with these there’s no word of any of the talent involved, particularly him.

Mandate Pictures has joined with Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures to produce these two films. According to the story in The Hollywood Reporter through Empire, The Substitute (Vikaren) is the story of a substitute teacher that turns out to be an alien, a real substitute in other words.

Just Another Love Story (Kærlighed på film) is a thriller about a man who pretends to be the boyfriend of a woman with amnesia, but her boyfriend is less than happy and is also a bit of a psycho, so he goes after him.

Nightwatch is the previous film that Ole Bornedal made and then remade for U.S. audiences, and that starred Ewan McGregor. I wonder if these two will receive a strong remake. There’s the chance that Bornedal might return for one or both of these remakes, but equally it’ll probably be handed off to another U.S. director.



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