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Stalked: Thirteenth Hour,Killing Jar,Julie Andrews,Keira Knightly

The Thirteenth Hour is to become a film.

Harold Perrineau has a new role in The Killing Jar.

Julie Andrews is starring opposite The Rock.

And Keira Knightly has had enough of Pirates of the Carribbean.

New Line Cinema has aquired the rights to The Thirteenth Hour by Richard Doetsch. It's a time travelling novel, which has a man being accused of murdering his wife. He is given the chance to save her by going back in time one hour at a time. He tries to find out who killed his wife and why. The news comes from Variety.

Lost star Harold Perrineau has joined the cast of The Killing Jar. It also stars Michael Madsen and Danny Trejo. A man takes people hostage at a roadside diner, but as the situation worsens, it becomes apparent that one of the hostage may be more dangerous than the hostage taker. The news is from Yahoo! News.

News from Sci-Fi Wire of a strange casting pair, Julie Andrews and The Rock will star in Tooth Fairy, a family film. Johnson plays an ice hockey player with a talent for knocking out opponents teeth. When he's rude to a young kid, he ends up stuck being a real tooth fairy for a week. Julie Andrews plays the tooth fairy charged with supervising Johnson.

Not my favourite actress, but Keira Knightly says she has no plans to star in anymore Pirates of the Caribbean films. It sounds like three is enough for Knightley, maybe she has more period films up her sleeve. Speaking on IMDB she said:

I think it was wonderful and an amazing opportunity and those films were just extraordinary and I was extremely lucky to be a part of them. But no. I think my pirating days may be over.



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