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Stalked: Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, Michael Douglas

Tom Cruise won't be in Shrek 4.

Bruce Willis is turning to directing.

And Michael Douglas will a Solitary Man.

Not so long ago we heard a rumour that Tom Cruise was being considered for a role in Shrek Goes Forth. He was possibly going to be playing a villain in the latest film. Now that rumour has been debunked, by Tom Cruise's publicist. He's quoted on E! Online, through Cinema Blend, as saying "As of today, there is no truth to the Tom Cruise-Shrek 4 rumor". Maybe that means that there was a possibility, but it hasn't worked out. Either way we won't be seeing Cruise in Shrek 4.

One of my favourite actors, Bruce Willis, is to direct his first film. He'll take charge for Three Stories About Joan. It's a psychological thriller, and will star himself, Owen Wilson and Keiran Culkin. Filming is due to start in early October. That's about all we know so far, wonder what Willis will come up with. The news comes from The Shreveport Times, through Jo Blo.

Michael Douglas recently signed on to play Liberace in a bio-pic of his life. He's now agreed to star in Solitary Man. He'll play a car dealership owner, whose eye for the ladies ruin both his business and marriage. Douglas will be teaming up with longtime friend Danny De Vito, and Susan Sarandon and Jenna Fischer will also star. The news comes from Jo Blo.



BLAM! Michael Douglas as an elderly, sex-addicted alpha male--OUCH! After a serious run in playing this role as a young man ("Fatal Attraction") then middle-aged ("Disclosure") the new film, I suppose, will complete the trilogy—oh, right, there's "Basic Instinct". Why does it seem we are constantly waking up (in Ground-Hog-Day-fashion) to the obvious and embarrassing fact that Douglas might be undergoing a kind of do-it-yourself therapy? Periodically, the Academy award winning producer/actor is choosing to revisit his admitted sex-addiction that once plagued him in real life. Can fan or cinephile avoid dreading that perhaps Douglas is more concerned here about the lugubriously portrayal of his libido on screen than fulfilling a once-promising cinematic oeuvre?

Ach! It would have been kewl if Cruise was in Shrek 4, at least for baby Suri.


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