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Stalked:Colin Firth,Billy Crystal,Heather Graham

Colin Firth could be starring in A Single Man.

Billy Crystal is back in a new film.

And Heather Graham is in The Hangover.

Colin Firth is close to agreeing to play the starring role, in an adaptation of the novel A Single Man. Tom Ford is directing the film, which will also star Julianne Moore and Jamie Bell. I haven't read the book, but Amazon says it follows one day in the life of a gay college professor. With his partner recently passed away, the professor tries to continue normal life, the book covers his thoughts and interactions with other people. Sounds like it should lend itself well to film. The news comes from IMDB.

Billy Crystal is back in a film, and it's Tooth Fairy. Crystal has joined the cast of the family film, which stars Dwayne Johnson (AKA The Rock). Johnson plays an ice hockey player, who ends up being sentenced to be an actual tooth fairy. The news comes from Jo Blo.

Heather Graham is the next actor with a new project lined up. She has a part in The Hangover. The inspiration for this one a stag night gone wrong. Three guys lose the groom following a stag night, and he's missing with just under two days before the wedding. Graham plays a Vegas local who meets the friends, and might know more than she's letting on. The news is from The Hollywood Reporter.



I guess I'm old and cynical, but Billy Crystal must really be bored to even consider doing the Tooth Fairy?! I have a mental image of him in a white tutu, smoking a fat stogie...

Heh, nice image. It does sound like the usual comedy stuff from him. Unless he has a major part, it does seem a bit of a waste of his talents.


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