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Stalked:Johnny Depp, Paul Verhoven, Angelina Jolie

Johnny Depp is teaming up again with Gore Verbinski.

Paul Verhoven is going back to erotic thrillers.

And is Angelina Jolie still on Edwin A Salt?

Johnny Depp is to work with Gore Verbinski again, this time on an animated film. Having worked together on Pirates of the Caribbean, the two will combine again in Rango. Variety say Depp will voice the lead character, a household pet who goes on a voyage of self discovery. Verbinski will continue to work on his adaptation of the video game Bioshock.

Basis Instinct director Paul Verhoven, is heading back to erotic thrillers. This time the story sees a college intern, having an affair with his boss' wife. Filming is due to starts early next year. The news comes from Variety.

Having taken over from Tom Cruise in spy thriller Edwin A Salt, we're not sure if Angelina Jolie is still on the project. Cinema Blend originally said that Jolie may have pulled out, having recently given birth to twins. But an update from Moviehole, suggests she is still involved, and that they are working out a schedule to suit her. Watch this space.



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