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Stalked: Nick Nolte, George A Romero

Nick Nolte is starring in Arcadia.

And George A Romero is up to something in Toronto.

Nick Nolte will star in a film alongside Haley Bennett and Carter Jenkins . In Arcadia, Bennett and Jenkins will play step sisters, on holiday in Greece with their parents. A car crash kills their parents, and they find themselves befriending a hobo, played by Nick Nolte. He then leads them off to " a mysterious spiritual ceremony." Sounds ominous. The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

We thought for a while that George A Romero was working on a Diary of the Dead sequel. But while he is filming some kind of zombie film in Toronto, it isn't the sequel we thought. Unfortuately we don't know exactly what it is he is filming. Stay tuned for more when we get it. The news comes from Bloody Disgusting.



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