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Strong in Sherlock Holmes - Internet plays catchup

MarkStrong.jpgIf you've been reading Filmstalker you would have known that Mark Strong had joined the Sherlock Holmes film a whole month ago, and you would also know who Mark Strong is and that he's a damn fine actor, not an "upcoming" actor as many sites seem to believe.

May I apologise to Mark Strong on behalf of the Interflab and say that I certainly know who he is and think he's a superb actor, not an upcoming one but a well established British talent.

He's been in fifty-three films and television shows to date, including Revolver, Syriana, Sunshine (Filmstalker review), Stardust (Filmstalker review), Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Flashbacks of a Fool, Babylon A.D., RocknRolla (Filmstalker review) and upcoming films such as Good and Body of Lies. I remember the first time I saw him in the television mini-series Births, Marriages and Deaths where he was utterly compelling, that was 1999 and I recognised him easily enough even then.

Back in August jI wrote about Guy Ritchie saying that he had cast Mark Strong as a villain in his Sherlock Holmes film, and now today the Interflab is catching up. You regulars will know how often I pick up on the interesting stories like this while the rest of the flab is pouncing on the Variety and Hollywood Reporter press releases, only to hear days, weeks or months later that the story is now breaking news somewhere else. Talk about disheartening.

Anyway, not as disheartening to Mark Strong hearing that he's an up and coming actor. Sure he's been appearing in big Hollywood films for the last three years, but before that he's had a strong career that's been noticed by those in the UK. Oh of course, that's why no one in Hollywood thinks he's being described as up and coming by Coming Soon through Latino Review, because he's not been acting in films made there.

Mark Strong is a superb actor and has a wonderful screen presence, you only have to watch RocknRolla (Filmstalker review) currently in cinemas to see that. I'm glad that Hollywood is taking notice of him, but remember that he has had a strong career already.



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