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Strong says Crowe not Sherlock Holmes villain

MarkStrong.jpgAs I wrote about back on the 20th of August, Mark Strong is the main villain of Sherlock Holmes. That's what I wrote about on Filmstalker back then, and since there have been rumours galore about Russell Crowe, and everyone's forgotten about Guy Ritchie announcing Mark Strong as the villain of the film back then.

However Strong has been talking about the film and has revealed that he is the main villain.

Yes, although no one else seemed to recognise it, Filmstalker did back in August when the director of Sherlock Holmes, Guy Ritchie, said so.

Mark Strong announced on British radio through Moviehole and Cinema Blend that he will be playing Lord Blackwood who is the main villain of the story and that Professor Moriarty is in the film, but he's not in it that much.

So, finally, people are picking up the fact that Mark Strong is the main villain, well done. Strong is a great actor and I think he's going to stand up well with Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes.



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