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Tennant in Doctor Who film?

DoctorWho.jpgDavid Tennant is in negotiations for the fifth series of Doctor Who, as currently he's only signed up for five more episodes, and reportedly he's pushing for an addition to the contract, a Doctor Who film.

According to reports Tennant wants that in his next contract as he's desperate to do some fim work too. Personally I don't think it'll be long before we see him depart the role and move onto bigger and better things.

The report says that the BBC are actively seeking funding for a Doctor Who film and that David Tennant is trying to negotiate the film role into a contract for a fifth series.

Okay, first of all let's look at the source of the story, Sci-Fi Wire picks it up from The Daily Telegraph, sounds great so far, but hold on. They take it up from The Sun who have one of those sources again. The Telegraph doesn't have the source link, but a little bit of digging around revealed The Sun gossip story.

According to them the outgoing Doctor Who producer Russell T. Davies said that he'd love Catherine Zeta-Jones to be the new Doctor's companion, while the new producer Steven Moffat said that it would be great to see it in the cinema as long as it was fantastic - I presume that means the story.

However this is from a source, and one through The Sun, so watch you don't get burned by this one, even if the Daily Telegraph carry it, it doesn't make it true. Yet it does seem likely. David Tennant is a good actor and he's surely feeling pidgeon-holed and a little typecast at the moment, at least going to a feature version of the show might give him a little more exposure and an escape plan.

What do you think though, can a Doctor Who film work? If anyone can write a big screen version of it I would think it's Steven Moffat, but will it need a much bigger budget and much better effects than the television show, or will that format work just fine? What about an assistant, is Zeta-Jones really a good choice or should they take some of the television regulars along with them?



God, who watches Dr. Who? Yawn.

Jeff W., what are you talking about? Doctor Who is one of the best things on television in recent years. It has good stories, great characters and takes you on some wonderful adventures (all from the comfort of your couch!) I'm a big fan.

Not sure if a film version would be the right move at present though. I've always thought a film of Doctor Who should happen once it has finished on tele.

Anyway aren't the specials coming soon supposed to be feature length time?

Can't wait!

Well about 10 million people watch Dr Who Jeff. See? Lots of people out there with much better taste than you sleepyhead. Yawn indeed. Git.

obviously Jeff doesn't watch the Doc, and sorely missing out on the absolute best sci fi show ever.

Tennant leaving the Tardis is like turning on the Hadron Collider. No one wants it to happen but we know it can't be stopped ( just kidding. just kidding ). Seriously, he's the best doc since T.B. and i'll be sorry to hear the news he's going. A movie version may do well to tie in his departure well if they choose to do so. They could do one more season with Tennant, do the movie, and then move on with the Doctor we all secretly want...Wierd Al Yancovich.

Jeff, I felt the same way like you did the first time I heard about the show, until I saw the revived series with Eccleston and Tennant playing the Doctor. Now it's one of my favorite tv shows ever and have started collecting the DVD boxsets. To catch up in the old episodes especially Tom Baker's, I have started renting them on LoveFilm, but yes, I am all for a DW film!

Bring it on!


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