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The Hobbit lawsuit carries on

TheHobbit.jpgChristopher Tolkein's lawsuit against New Line over Lord of the Rings is still ongoing. Tolkein says that New Line owe him money, and not only that but that they are guilty of fraud. Now he has been banned from seeking monetary damages, but he can sue them for fraud.

I'm confused. Who knows if all this will mean anything for The Hobbit film, it seems to be going ahead as usual at the minute.

Christopher Tolkein is part of the Trust which now looks after his father's estate. He claims that New Line have not paid any royalties from the Lord of the Rings films, and is seeking $150 million. There is also a lot of legal stuff about New Line allegedly claiming that production offices etc were being used for the Rings films, but they were actually being used for other projects.

The latest outcome is that a judge says Christopher Tolkein and the Trust cannot claim for punitive damages. They have said however, that they do have a case in their fraud allegation. New Line have now been given 10 days to respond, and a trial date has been set for October 2009.

According to AP, through Cinema Blend, the judge also said that the lawsuits were "clearly seeking to vindicate private wrongs." It does seem personal, but it is his father's legacy he's talking about.

Well that's half the problem sorted, but the other half looks far from over. Let's hope it's all resolved, and doesn't impact on The Hobbit. I can't see it to be honest, surely they'll sort the whole thing out?



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