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The Thing remake is a prequel

TheThing_Poster.jpgWe've been seeing that just about every John Carpenter property is hitting the remake chain, and The Thing is no different. We heard way back in September of 2006 that the film was being remade, and people got upset because the Carpenter version is superb, itself a remake.

However even then the talk was that it would be a prequel. Today it's confirmed, and it seems we've even been given the focus of the story. It's a prequel all right, but not too far back in the past from Carpenter's The Thing.

The idea of remaking, or even making a prequel out of this classic film seems like a continuation of the insane run that Hollywood is taking, but then we heard something.

First we heard that it really is a prequel, and that wasn't Hollywood spin for hiding the fact it was another in a long line of rubbish remakes.

Then the news came that this prequel was to be written by Ronald D. Moore of Battlestar Galactica. He's one of the guys that managed to remake that eighties television series into a blistering piece of work that is one of the best television shows right now, and undoubtedly has been for a long time.

So perhaps this is going to be something special after all?

Then news hit to confirm that it is a prequel, and not only that but to give us some harder information on what the script will focus on.

You'll remember that in John Carpenter's The Thing a group of American scientists are living in a research station on the frozen Antarctic.

Their daily routine is interrupted by the arrival of a group of Norwegians who are frantically trying to kill a dog that has run into the American's camp. In the chase the helicopter in pursuit mysteriously crashes and the dog manages to seek refuge in the camp.

The Norwegians are all dead, and the dog isn't all it seems...and so the film begins.

Well there's the big clue, the film is going to be all about the Norwegians and their encounter with the creature.

According to Latino Review, who talked with one of the producers of the film, Marc Abraham, who said the following:

“This is more of a prequel than a sequel...Its going to be taking place in the same time frame...These are the events leading up to the 1982 film.”

Now that does sound interesting. So we're most likely going to see what happened to those Norwegians when the creature attacked them. Perhaps we may even see how they discovered it, or how it discovered Earth.

Still, saying that, the surprise is not going to be in the ending is it? I mean we're going to see a small group of them chasing down the creature in the guise of the dog and they'll all die and the creature go on...

However trust in the power of Ronald D. Moore, I most certainly do. You know, I'm starting to think this prequel idea might just be worthwhile.



Gee, I wonder how it will end? Woof!

Does this mean everyone will have funky 70's mullets?

Who cares about the actors, I want a funky mullet!

Like the Thing, Ron Moore is a virus that infects other people's fiction, attempting to replicate it. Unfortunately his mutations never quite finish, and are seen by anyone that is paying attention for the monstrosities they are. His whole body of work should be taken out in the snow, doused with Kerosene, and set ablaze.

Wow, those are some hateful comments, why so? What scripts and films do you not like and why? Can you back up those harsh comments?


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