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The Wave (Die Welle) trailer online

TheWave.jpgThe new trailer for The Wave (Die Welle) (Filmstalker review) is online and it's looking good. It appears that both the studio and the trailer company have given the film a lot of respect and produced a strong trailer for the film that doesn't give anything away, just creates a great tone for the film.

What I'm particularly surprised about is that the trailer doesn't make more of the true story element. However there's no need. I saw this four months ago at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and I can categorically say that it's a superb film.

You can read more about it in the Filmstalker review, and believe me it's a powerful film well worth seeing.

It's a German film that is adapted from the novel The Wave by Morton Rhue, otherwise known as Todd Strasser. He wrote the novel based on the real experiment conducted by the teacher Ron Jones on his own students.

They couldn't understand how people had blindly followed the Nazi party and become a part of something so terrible. Jones decided to show them and created a dictatorship within his classroom, and within a week he had created a group of blind followers who were beginning to take the experiment a little too far. The Wave is a fictional account of this experiment and of the book.

You can see the trailer right here [QT] through Empire who had the exclusive on the trailer, I'd seriously recommend watching it and then reading the spoiler free review right here on Filmstalker.



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