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Trailer for Filth and Wisdom

Madonna.jpgWe have a trailer for Madonna's directorial debut for you to watch. Filth and Wisdom follows a Ukrainian immigrant, as he tries to make it big as a rock star.

I'm a huge Madonna fan, and even I have to admit she's not exactly set the film world alight. Will her first film as a director be any different?

Filth and Wisdom stars Eugene Hütz,Holly Weston, Vicky McClure and Richard E. Grant. Hütz plays an immigrant who wants to make it as a rock star. To supplement his income he moonlights as a cross-dressing dominatrix. The film also tells the story of his two flatmates, one who's a stripper and another who works in a pharmacy, but dreams of helping starving kids in Africa.

The trailer is below from Rope of Silicon. I was surprised that it looks as much of a comedy as it does. I was expecting something arthouse like, or more dramatic from Madonna. Still, I did raise a snigger or two. Might not be a total disaster.



Isn't that the guy from the 118 188 ads?

Sorry I meant 118 118. Damn my cold fingers.

I knew he reminded me of someone!


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