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Transformers 2 Megatron revealed?

NewMegatron.jpgWell it's a difficult decision to make because you'll remember that Michael Bay was pretty forthright when he said that there would be a lot of disinformation about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen released on the Interflab, but these drawings for a toy version of Megatron could just be the real thing.

If so it means that he has been resurrected and that he's coming back bigger and meaner, well it looks that way in toy sketch form at least.

Of course this might not be true since Michael Bay has said that he's going to release a lot of disinformation regarding Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to confuse those discussing the leaked information, but then again this just might be right.

Mind you if anything was going to be disinformation then it surely wouldn't be this cool looking Megatron, surely it would be a twin set of Transformers who disguise themselves as an ice cream van, because that's way more ridiculous!

I'm kind of disappointed if they just bring back Megatron after the first film - "aha, you thought he was gone but you were wrong" kind of surprises don't really surprise me, and I thought that this new story was to be about a completely different enemy, Fallen. However the rumour has it Megatron comes back and even joins forces with the Autobots to try and defeat an enemy bigger than the both of them. For more on the possible plot, read on here at Filmstalker.

That too could be disinformation of course, and Fallen could refer to Megatron himself. Who knows at this stage. However the toy manufacturers have often been a good source of early images for film characters, and you can see more of the Megatron images over at Latino Review.

If this is the new character he's looking pretty mean, a big bad tank with some pretty hard styling, and one big gun.



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