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Undercover spy takes cash for story

FiftyDeadMenWalking.jpgThe other day I wrote about how Martin McGartland, a British undercover spy in the Irish Republican Army (IRA), was refusing to waive his moral rights on his life story and thus preventing the film Fifty Dead Men Walking, an adaptation of his memoirs, from being released.

The Toronto International Film Festival were going to show it regardless, but then the lawyers were going to get involved. Today it seems that this is all in the past as McGartland forgets his problems with how the film portrays him for hard cash.

Previously the producers offered him GB £10,000 to waive his rights over the story of his memoirs (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), but he walked out of the deal. He said that he was concerned about how the film was portraying him as an accessory to torture and murder, however he was adamant that what he was doing was maintaining his cover and his actions saved lives which would have been taking through assassinations and bombings carried out by the IRA.

However his concerns over the portrayal of his life and intentions are all gone as he accepted a deal for GB £20,000 according to Yahoo News. Now Martin McGartland is fully behind the film and says:

"I have to say that Jim Sturgess and Ben Kingsley, and others, have done a great job. Jim and Ben are true icons."

Well that came easy didn't it? I guess that's what it costs to pass over your life rights to a film that you believe portrays you very unfairly.

To be fair what seems to have happened is that McGartland left the lawyers offices after he received a DVD copy of the film, so it could be fair to say that he watched the film and changed his mind on how they were portraying him, and the money was just an additional sweetener.

Kari Skogland's Fifty Dead Men Walking stars Ben Kingsley as Martin McGartland as well as Rose McGowan and Jim Sturgess.



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