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W trailer online

GeorgeBush.jpgThe full trailer for Oliver Stone's W is here. The life and times of George Bush are singled out for the film treatment. This film looks more light hearted than I was expecting from Stone.

Take a look inside and see what you think.

W stars Josh Brolin as George W Bush and Elizabeth Banks as Laura Bush. Other cast members include, Thandie Newton, James Cromwell and Richard Dreyfuss. The trailer is below courtesy of Rope of Silicon.

I reckon it looks a bit too lighthearted, instead of a film that shows the real story of Bush's two terms. What do you think?



I think that may be the point, its hard to tell since all the teasers have been stylistically different...Perhaps using the Talking Heads makes it a little more lighthearted in nature...But all of Stones previous Pres films have been anything but lighthearted, so I can only assume the technique being used here might just be exposing Bushes childish demeanor and 'lost in a big boy world' appearance...
Hopefully the actual film isn't this lighthearted, it was very suprizing seeing a bio-pic on GW look more like a sitcom than a piercing commentary on modern events...It will be a huge disappointment if this film ducks the issues, I didnt say tough issues because with GW, everything could and should be exposed...Hopefully this won't just be a throw away bio pic trying to make its release date before he is out of office.

I think that's what surprised me. I had JFK in my head perhaps.

You make a good point as well, that Bush does have that, shall we say simple, childlike demeanor. I guess it's a balancing act, showing the more humourous side of his ineptitude, but also the serious events and effects of his presidency. Like you, I hope W doesn't concentrate on the first too much, and skim over the last.

Looks fantastic. Brolin looks and sounds absolutely incredible as Bush.
I think this movie will be a good one…

Wow, I'm with Matthew on this one, it looks great but I really hope that it's not a comedy. Saying that the trailer has presented a really strong comic film of the man and his buddies.


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