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Washington and Owen for Inside Man 2

InsideMan.jpgA sequel to Inside Man (Filmstalker review) seems to be going ahead, despite the question of whether or not it's a good idea. News in reveals that the characters are going to be the same and it may also have both Denzel Washington and Clive Owen returning, and that's according to Spike Lee.

The potential new writer also says that the characters are going to return but the story will not be a continuation of the last. So what does that mean then?

Inside Man told the story of a bank raid that seemingly goes wrong and results in the arrival of the police and a hostage negotiation team. What follows is a tense thriller with a game of cat and mouse with quite a few surprises and twists on the way.

It's a good film from Spike Lee, written by Russel Gewirtz, and stars Clive Owen and Denzel Washington as well as some superb appearances from Jodie Foster and Christopher Plummer – Foster, you really should be playing more morally darker characters – Willem Dafoe and Chiwetel Ejiofor also star.

The story for Inside Man was pretty much an open and shut case and I really don't know where they could go with a sequel, here's what Spike Lee thinks when he spoke at the Toronto International Film Festival through Yahoo News.

“I want the script to be even better than Russell's, and Russell wrote a really good script.”

Yeah, next to nothing. However word is that all the characters are going to return, and that's something he echoed, saying that both Denzel Washington and Clive Owen are keen to return.

So what could the story possibly be? Well Lee want's the two characters back and to be the focus of the story, once again concentrating on the relationship between the two, but what about the plot? The whole Inside Man thing has already been done, so are we going to get something as clever, or now is it just a manhunt between the two characters?



Inside Man was damn good, no need for a sequel though. I don't think the same twists and surprises could be pulled off in a sequel.

And I agree Jodie Foster should play more roles like that one. I'm a big fan, and that was one of her best performances.


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