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Watchmen sequel?

Watchmen_Poster.jpgIs there already talk about a follow-up to the much anticipated Watchmen even before the first film has been released? Well according to the star Patrick Wilson there is, he says that it's already been discussed.

This is another of those stories that come out of next to nothing, and sometimes I wonder why I feature them, but then I think about the possibility and just maybe, just maybe...

So Patrick Wilson told MTV, which I found through Comic Book Movie, that the sequel potential of the film has already been talked about:

“It’s all been talked about...Financially, they like to do that. But all of us, [director] Zack [Snyder] included, all go, ‘How on Earth could you do a sequel or prequel?’”

Yeah, okay, but perspective people. First up, as I seem to be saying a lot when it comes to these kind of wild suggestions about sequels when the first film hasn't even come out yet, with big budget films that even have the sniff of potential, the stars have an automatic clause in their contract ensuring that they are available for negotiations for any future films.

Now, next up is the fact that this is such an iconic film with some strong closer, and that there isn't another script. Sure that can be remedied, but not before the first film has even the vaguest sense of a showing.

There's another point, it hasn't even earned a penny yet, and it's spent a fortune.

Finally here's a great point, the studio will be up in court soon facing a lawsuit from a rival studio who want the film stopped and not released, and actually they might have a case.

Oh, should we mention that Patrick Wilson is an actor in Watchmen and that he's already been saying that the film is going to be released regardless of the lawsuit? Well that's very hopeful, but I think that there's a few people at the studio that might have a hand in the decisions too.

So, take all that into account, and the fact that the decisions won't be made until the first weekend takings are in, and I don't see how we can be expecting a sequel yet.

However, let's just go with it and pretend for a moment, what if? Let's imagine that it really did happen and the studio said “okay then, give us another Watchmen film”, and miraculously the talent came together to write it. Would you want to see it? Could they possibly make it? Is there any way a story could work, and what way would you want it to play out? A prequel looking back at their heyday?



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