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Watchmen trial update

Watchmen_Poster.jpgQuick update on the Watchmen trial, it's slated for January the 6th, and the good news is that the Judge on the case has decided that 20th Century Fox have no grounds to stop the film being released in the meantime.

That's great news for all the Watchmen fans out there, and they are legion, however it doesn't mean that the troubles are over for the film, and at the very worst it could still be pulled after that hearings and when the Judge finally makes a decision.

The thing is the case is rather complex, what with various parties retaining rights, and multiple attempts to start the film under different directors, it's all become a bit of a mess, so it will no doubt have a fairly long strung out hearing.

The really worrying thing is if the case drags on too long the film could be released and then pulled, mind you, even worse is if it doesn't get released at all even after being made.

Whatever way you look at it, Fox are playing hardball and they're thinking business all the way, not fans, not Watchmen, just business and hard cash returns.

The news comes from Variety and doesn't really tell us that much other than we're all waiting to see if Fox want their invested money back, or if the parties can agree to some profit sharing, or if Fox can just walk away and let fans see it.

Just remember if everything goes badly then Warner might not be able to release the film. Just remember folks, piracy is bad, follow the example of the studios.



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