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Updated: Will Smith offered Captain America?

WillSmith.jpgAnother big casting rumour, and I stress the word rumour. The next person to be linked with the role of Captain America is Will Smith.

Rumour has it Smith he has been offered the role. Certainly a change from the Captain America depicted in the comic books.

Since a Captain America film was announced, several stars have been linked with the title role. Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and John Barrowman have all had their names mentioned. The next actor rumoured to be in discussions is Will Smith.

It was the actor Derek Luke, who said Smith has been offered the role. He was talking to MTV through First Showing.net.

I heard they offered Will Smith Captain America...just shows you how times have changed.

All rumour at this stage. But what do you think, would Will Smith make a good Captain America?

Update: Crazy rumour indeed. We can file this one under confirmed as untrue. AICN say that have spoken to sources at Marvel. They say they haven't approached Will Smith, or offered him the role. That would have been some crazy casting. Wonder who they are really talking to?



Will Smith as Captain America? Sure why not.

And let's have Brad Pitt as The Black Panther while were at it.

I would prefer if Will Smith was The Green Lantern, which is a much cooler character, he would be perfect for that role.

I wouldn't see a Captain America movie even with Will Smith, The Cap just never inspired me as a comic book kid.
Will Smith and Charlize Theron in The Green Lantern would be a bigger blockbuster than any other actor(s) in a Captain America movie.

Green Lantern would be the coolest comic book hero ever

I just don't see Captain America working anywhere than in America, and even then I think it's a limited audience for comic book fans.

You're right Seth, that line-up in a Green Lantern film would be much better, and I think that character would benefit from the fact that it's less well known.


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