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Winstone joins Edge of Darkness

RayWinstone.jpgWhat an excellent choice. After Robert De Niro left the Edge of Darkness production leaving Mel Gibson standing alone, the news has come that Ray Winstone is in negotiations to take his place, and I think that's wonderful news.

Martin Campbell and the team have made an excellent choice, and I would dare to say that they should have done that from the beginning. De Niro has lost his edge, and he's lost it for some time now, Winstone has most definitely not.

I wonder though, will Ray Winstone, if he secures the role, be playing the part with an American accent or will he be playing an British man abroad? I don't think it really matters, not after the performance he pulled off in The Departed (Filmstalker review).

One thing is clear though, Ray Winstone is going from strength to strength in Hollywood but despite that he keeps signing up for smaller British based roles, which is superb for us as an audience.

I really don't think it's a loss to see Robert De Niro off the project, I mean these days he's more comfortable doing cheap comedy than strong thrillers.

The news of his negotiations comes from Variety, and if successful he would join other stars on the set of Martin Campbell's Edge of Darkness including Mel Gibson and Danny Huston. Now Huston and Winstone together, I think, would make a great combination.



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