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Zack and Miri make a Porno banned poster

ZackandMiriPorno-Poster.jpgI really can’t believe that this poster has the MPAA over in America so insulted that they’ve banned it, after all there’s nobody naked in it and all that we can see are the tops of two heads. What’s the big deal?

Of course we all know what’s going on and what it’s suggesting, that two people are receiving oral sex, and that’s much, much worse than seeing Angelina Jolie look sexy on the front of a poster holding a stonking great handgun and making it look sexy.

The poster has been banned in the U.S. and will only be getting seen in Canada, because it suggests oral sex, that terrible act that leads to…ermm…well sometimes a mess, perhaps bad breath, oh to be fair it can help pass sexually transmitted diseases.

Yet a huge handgun portrayed in a sexy manner? Despite the fact that I subscribe to the school of thought that believes we are far too quick to leap on censorship rather than solving problems within our society, even I have to admit that the handgun image should be further up the scale than this cheeky poster.

Of course in sexually repressed and god fearing countries you can understand people getting a bit hot under the collar about this one, after all their kids might be out having oral sex as soon as they see this. At least with other posters they’ll only be out trying to steal their father’s unlocked guns and shooting them about.

Oh this world is sometimes a messed up place. If you think you can see this poster without turning to the person next to you and performing a lewd act that they’d probably really enjoy, then you can see the full poster over at Popwatch.

Me, I love oral sex, but I’m not so keen on shooting guns these days, and this poster for Zack and Miri make a Porno looks as far from harmful as a fluffy little bunny.



I can't believe this. Americas are funny like that though, in an unfunny way.


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