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Zack and Miri make a Porno redband trailer online

ZackandMiriPorno.jpgWhat's really interesting about the Zack and Miri make a Porno trailer is that it is redband in the U.S. for one reason and one reason alone, the swearing. There's nothing in there that vaguely even resembles something sexual, well maybe Traci Lords blowing bubbles in an unusual way. Even that though is off camera and hinted at.

Watching the trailer though was a big disappointment because there were only two or three places that raised a smile for me, and one of them was seeing Traci Lords in the film. Mainly it's unsubtle and in your face.

I think the opening lines caught it best. It starts off really well and you can see where the joke is heading, and it's good, the anticipation of knowning what the joke is going to deliver builds:

"What do you do? What brings you here?"
"I'm an actor"
"Wow! Anything I've seen?"
"Oh all sorts of movies with all male casts"
"All male casts? Like Glengarry Glen Ross?"

You can see where the joke is going and I had, and even now typing it out and watching it again, have a smile on my face. Then, instead of something witty and clever, it just goes for overkill on the punchline. Well rather than me type it out I'll leave you to watch it, although do be advised that it is chock full of swearing, it is a Kevin Smith film after all.

That joke aside, which I think suffers from the problem much of American comedy does these days, unsubtle concentration on sexual and bodily function jokes, the rest of the Zack and Miri make a Porno trailer just doesn't seem to have any of the good bits from the film in it, nor does it really seem to fully tell the story of the film.

Going back to that opening scene for a moment, as it just caught my eye on pause there, there is a very cool thing happening there, something that might not be apparent on first watching. The poster behind them. Now that got a better smile than the joke.

Have a look and see what you think.



I like the look of that. I actually quiet like Seth Rogen.


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