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24 film is years away

KieferSutherland.jpgKiefer Sutherland has been talking about the possibility of a 24 film. The next series has a two hour prequel to start things off, after the writers strike put a spanner in the works.

Now Sutherland says that the prequel may have gotten the writers excited about doing a 24 film.

A 24 film has been talked about for a while. Perhaps as a way of bringing new countries in as locations. But Kiefer Sutherland has said that as long as the TV show is alive, we will have to wait for a film version.

It is hard enough to write the show. So we all agreed that for the writers and their sanity, we wouldn't approach doing a film without them, so we would wait until the show is finished. And then we would do a film. I think it's a couple of years off.

The prequel to the seventh series entitled Exile, bridges the gap from the end of the last season, to the beginning of the next. And Sutherland told IMDB that writing the sequel has made the writers keen to look at the possiblility of a film.

It was really exciting doing the prequel. I think (the writers) got a taste of how nice it would be to write a two hour piece that actually had an ending instead of having to write a 24 hour piece that doesn't have an ending. They might have seen the light. So you never know, maybe a film will be sooner.

I love 24, even if it does occasionally drive me mad. But I also like the 24 hour time frame, which would be changed considerably in a 2 hour film version. Mind you, they were stretching it out last season, maybe a film will cut some of that out. What do you think, is a 24 film a good idea?



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