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300 sequel/prequel story details

ZackSnyder.jpg300 was such a huge hit, it's unsurprising that there has been talk of a sequel/prequel.But considering the end of 300, where would it go? Now Zack Snyder has given us a little idea of where the sequel/prequel is heading.

I was sceptical originally about a sequel, but with both Snyder and Frank Miller involved, it all sounds good.

Zack Snyder directed the first 300 (Filmstalker review) film, from Frank Miller's graphic novel. Now Snyder says a sequel is moving along, and that it is a bit of both, a sequel and a prequel. He is waiting for Frank Miller to finish the graphic novel that the sequel is based on, then they will start writing the script. And he also said that he wouldn't have any input to the new graphic novel, that he wanted it to be all Miller's creation.

While talking to IESB, Snyder commented as to when the sequel would take place. Essentially the film will cover the year between the end of the Battle of Thermopylae, and the start of the Battle of Plataea. That's where Dilios is when retelling the story of King Leonidas at the end of 300.

So the new film will cover that year. And Snyder says he will definitely direct the sequel/prequel. Flashbacks are the only way that some of the original stars could be in the new film. But with a whole year to cover, there's bound to be loads of great new stuff in Miller's graphic novel.

Do you like the idea of where the 300 sequel/prequel is going?



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