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After.Life recasts Neeson

ChristinaRicci.jpgLiam Neeson and Christina Ricci have signed up After.Life, a film with a superb concept that has been talked about since back in August 2006, since then we heard the casting rumour that Kate Bosworth was signed for the film. Then in May of 2007 there was another rumourthat Alfred Molina was on board.

Now though both names seem to have been dropped in this strange tale of someone fighting to return to life while they're on the funeral director's table.

Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo is the writer director of After.Life which seems to have been in development for an age and tells the story of a woman who is fighting between life and death to try and avoid being buried alive, and she's doing the fighting from the after life while the funeral director controls her fate.

Now that sounds pretty wild, but who knows how it's going to turn out. However we know, through Variety, that the cast list has now changed and we're getting Liam Neeson and Christina Ricci (who we heard rumoured before) instead of Alfred Molina and Kate Bosworth , and no offence to those actors but the Neeson-Ricci line up does sound a bit stronger than Molina-Bosworth.

The film itself is intriguing and with a strong director and reportedly oscar nominated cinematographer John Mathieson behind the camera, I think this could turn into something rather interesting.



I agree that the Neeson-Ricci sounds stronger than Molina-Bosworth. I do like Neeson and Ricci is always a pleasure to watch. Interesting concept and one to keep an eye on me thinks.

Thanks for the update Richard.


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