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Alvart talks Pandorum

PandorumPoster.jpgChristian Alvart, writer and director of the excellent Antikörper (Antibodies - Filmstalker review) and director of the upcoming Hollywood horror/thriller Case 39, has recently started Pandorum, a science fiction thriller starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster.

We heard about the plot before and now we're hearing from the director himself who has been discussing the script and the work involved in bringing it to the big screen.

Previously we heard that the blurb for the film went something like this:

"Two crewmen awaken from hyper-sleep aboard a spacecraft. None of their equipment is working, and their memories are incomplete. What was their mission? How much time has passed? Where are they? Who are they? As they try to piece things together, they discover they are not alone, and the ship's new inhabitants - tribal warriors carrying crudely made weapons - are moving among them, intent on killing all aboard. As the space travelers unravel the frightening and deadly secrets the ship harbors, they realize the survival of mankind hinges on their actions. They must regain control of the ship before Pandorum takes over."

Now Alvart has been talking about the script and how the writing process is going, and originally he says he was shocked when he received the script because it was so similar to something he'd been writing.

ScreenDaily tells us that it was Jeremy Bolt, Paul WS Anderson and Robert Kulzer who brought the script to him, now if that wouldn't put somebody off immediately it didn't Christian Alvart, he asked if he could rewrite the story with Travis Milloy, the original writer of the script to incorporate both his and their stories.

Bolt says:

“Our original script was about prisoners on a spaceship and more of a genre piece...Christian's was more about settlers on a spaceship as the last hope for mankind since the Earth is dying. He brought more of an A-movie sensibility to it.”

Alvart goes on with:

“My idea was science fiction...Travis' screenplay was more thriller and horror, and now we have all three.”

Now knowing what Antikörper (Antibodies - Filmstalker review) delivered I'm excited for what this new script could be, especially with the blurb suggesting it's going to be a very closely focused space story, claustrophobic and isolated.

The article goes on to talk about the production in Germany, which is rather interesting if you're in that field and looking to find a country to make your film in, however for the audience it's not that interesting. What we are interested in is that the producers, surprised surprise considering who they are and their track record, are keen for a franchise out of this idea. What's more surprising is that Alvart is keen too.

“Christian would like to spend the next four years making these movies. He's completely absorbed with the whole world”

Okay, but those are the words of Bolt, the producer, what about the director himself, I mean...

“My original story was much bigger...Travis' script was a good entree into this story, but it is far from being finished. There are concepts ready for a second and third part which would not simply be the same and could even be in a different genre.”

Wow, he's really into the idea, but the producers are cautious and say that the first film has to succeed, now that's usually a marketing call moment to all the fans of anything to do with the film, - make it work and you'll see more.

Yes I'm a little sceptical because of the producers on board and their track record, but they haven't exactly made terrible films, I mean we're not talking Boll level are we? Then we have to consider Alvart, Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster. These guys spell out something much better and bigger, especially Alvart.

I'm hopeful for this film and can't wait to see some footage.



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