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Another trailer for Luhrmann's Australia

Australia_Still.jpgThere's another trailer online for Bazz Luhrmann's epic film Australia, and although this has similar elements to the first trailer, it's just not delivering as powerful and as epic a story as the first.

Still the new trailer is online and gives us a different feel for the film and some of the characters that are portrayed, as well as of Australia itself.

The first Australia trailer really delivered a much bigger punch when we heard Nicole Kidman delivering her line “we can't let them win” it really conveyed a sense of what they were fighting against and how important their fight was.

This trailer doesn't manage to do this and feels more like it's a light hearted romp with a few slightly more heavy moments, and when she delivers that line to Hugh Jackman again, you don't understand the weight of the statement as much as that first trailer.

The story, as a reminder, sees an English aristocrat inheriting a huge ranch in Australia and heads to Australia to see it. As she falls in love with the country and the land, she finds she has to team up with her stock-man and save the ranch from being taken over. This involves driving two thousand cattle across the epic country to sell them, and on the way that means dealing with everything Australia has to offer, including the bombing of Darwin in World War II.

Here's the next Australia trailer from Baz Luhrmann, and I suspect there'll be a few more to come.

Actually this may be similar to the first trailer we had for Australia, but I never saw that and it's been moved anyway...I'm sure someone who saw it can confirm.



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