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Army of Two videogame adapted

ArmyofTwo.jpgArmy of Two is the latest videogame to be given the film adaptation treatment and Universal have assigned Scott Stuber to produce and Scott Z. Burns to write the script. It's the second big videogame adaptation that Universal are carrying as they've signed Gore Verbinski to direct the big screen adaptation of Bioshock.

Army of Two is a game for two-players playing as a pair of private military contractors fighting in a war and uncovering a huge political conspiracy.

The official blurb from Wikipedia says:

Army of Two is a third person shooter game focusing on the fictional story of two private military contractors (characterized as mercenaries) "fight[ing] through war, political turmoil, and a conspiracy so vast it threatens the entire world" in a timeline spanning from 1993 to 2009.

Focusing on cooperative strategies, Army of Two's highlighting feature is the necessity to use coordinated teamwork to accomplish the game's goals. While the game is meant to be played with another human as your partner, a "Partner Artificial Intelligence"(PAI) is also included and programmed to follow the player's strategies in suit. Dependence on your partner (whether human or PAI) is so pronounced that most objectives are impossible to complete without it.

Scott Z. Burns wrote The Bourne Ultimatum and is writing the next instalment in the franchise, and through Variety he said of the project:

"Because people experience the game in pairs, playing two guys who go against the world, Scott and I agreed this format presented an opportunity to make a great buddy film...The ambiguity of these private military corporations lends weight to an intelligent thriller with relevance to what’s going on in the world right now. You have contractors with their own agendas, and two guys whose friendship supersedes all the politics. I told EA right off the bat I wasn’t a gamer, and that appealed to them because they didn’t want to simply replicate the game."

Well that's two good things going for it, a buddy film and the studio deliberately want it to be something different. Surely that's got to be promising.

Scott Stuber, the producer, has a few interesting titles sitting on his slate waiting to be completed and released, including The Wolf Man, however producers don't make a film really good, they just enable it to be made really well.

For some reason Empire have Peter Berg as possibly directing the videogame adaptation, something I can't for the life of me find on the Variety article. It would be a good choice, but I've no way of telling how true it is.

It's another in a long line of videogame adaptations, looks like Hollywood isn't giving up on this gravy train, perhaps they'll start getting it right.



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