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Walker on Furious return

VinDiesel-PaulWalker.jpgAs we know Paul Walker is returning for the fourth installement of Fast and the Furious. Having missed the third film, he's back alongside Vin Diesel. He's been talking about his reasons for coming back.

Fast and the Furious is one of those films I've never gotten around to watching , maybe this is the time to start.

After starring in the first two films, Paul Walker was MIA for the third. He's back for the fourth though, and so is Vin Diesel. He's been talking to MTV Movies Blog about his reasons for returning to the franchise.

A lot of money. I don’t know. I thought it would be fun to go back and do it one more time to close it out.

Although he's only joking it's probably half true. He also thinks that fans will be missing one of the cast members when the fourth one is out.

When I did the second one everyone said ‘What’s up with Vin [Diesel]? Why didn’t he come back for the second one?’ And then I didn’t do the third one everyone was ‘Why didn’t you do the third one?’ But now everyone is going to be ‘Where’s Tyrese [Gibson]?’ I fought for that, to have him on board and it just didn’t work out.

I think I'm going to add these films to my rental queue, I'm obviously missing something. Are you looking forward to Fast & Furious? How big a miss is Tyrese Gibson?



You gotta like cars to like this franchise. Well that's my excuse!


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