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Basinger's While She Was Out trailer online

KimBasinger.jpgThe trailer for the latest film starring Kim Basinger, While She Was Out, is online and it's looking superb. In it Basinger plays a mother who leaves a note on a strangers car that's taken two spaces in the shopping mall.

However they turn out to be a group of pretty dangerous kids and they don't take kindly to her note. In fact they decide to make an example of her, except she's fed up being the victim in her life and she decides to fight back.

The trailer looks pretty powerful stuff, and from all accounts it's a strong performance from Kim Basinger, a woman who's still as beautiful as ever and carries that Hollywood starlet air to her. It's amazing to think that she's fifty-five, well according to IMDB anyway. She doesn't look anywhere near that.

Watching the trailer makes me think of films from I Spit On Your Grave all the way to The Brave One, and it certainly packs a punch.

Susan Montford directed While She Was Out and wrote the screenplay from a short story by Edward Bryant. She hasn't directed anything else, but she's producing such films as Shoot 'Em Up, Splice, The Tripods (that could still be on) and John Carter of Mars. Of course producer means money and logistics, but it would provide a valuable insight into the film-making process.

You can see the trailer for yourself over at AICN [Flash] through Bloody Disgusting. What do you think?



is it me or is Kim Basinger getting more stunning and beautiful as she matures-not only physically but as an actress-this maybe a trailer-but what a performance this is going to be- her character is spot on- dragged and humiliated but tough as nails.
Lets not forget former child actor-Lukas Haas-he actually plays a strong psychotic gang leader not unlike David Patrick Kelly''s role as Luther in the Walter Hill's streetgang mythology epic-The Warriors.
I hate to say this but i never envisaged Kim as a serious actress-she was always the candy in the store-while actors like Richard Gere or Bruce Willis took front stage nevertheless with this urban thriller i change my scrupulous mind-she's is an astute actress in this role-great trailer- and it will be a great movie-with Guillermo Del Toro co producing??! cool or what!

You're not wrong, she's stunning and if she walked past me in the street I'd be swooning and making a fool of myself!

I think it was L.A. Confidential and 8 Mile that turned me around to her as a strong actress, surprisingly since L.A. Confidential has her playing that very kind of role. 8 Mile had her playing a role that was just the opposite.

I really don't know how much of an influence Del Toro really has as the executive producer, if he's really influencing the scripting, directing or editing, or if he's there in the advertising and earning role.


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