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Bolt opening four minutes online

Bolt.jpgThe first four minute opening of Bolt, the next Disney animated film, is online and it's looking superb. However the opening four minutes is not indicative of the rest of the film since the story follows a German Shepherd who has lived on a television action show all his life and believes he has superpowers, and that's where our opening clip begins.

Still, it looks fantastic, with comic action, and plenty of action too. You might even be mistaken for thinking that this was more Pixar than Disney, and in a way I guess it is.

Bolt, the German Shepherd, gets lost from the studio where he's been living and ends up across the country. He meets a female cat and a hamster and they try to help him find his way back to the studio. On the journey he starts to realise that he doesn't really have superpowers after all.

Now I'm reading that blurb and thinking of the Disney and Pixar merger and all that comes to mind are two huge properties from both, The Incredible Journey and Toy Story...bit too obvious perhaps?

No matter, the opening is online and it looks great, if a little misleading since this isn't really going to be how the rest of the film plays out at all. Remember this clip will just be the opening part of the film showing us the television show that Bolt believes he's part of.

The film includes the voices of John Travolta, playing Bolt himself, Malcolm McDowell, Greg Germann, Diedrich Bader and Miley Cyrus.

Yeah, I'm thinking The Incredible Toy Story?!



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