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Bride Wars new trailer

AnneHathaway.jpgOh this film is going to deliver a lot of pain. I wasn't going to write about such drivel, but when I saw how painful and plain bad the trailer is I just couldn't help myself.

Bride Wars sets up two friends to find the ideal place for their wedding and chose separate dates all with no problems. However the company book them in on the same day and they have to chose has their dream wedding there and who doesn't...and the trailer looks pitiful and painful.

You know they could have just arranged to have a double wedding, or maybe sue the company for messing up, or just change the date to one further away. I mean if the venue was that important...anyway, enough of the reasons why the premise might not work.

If you follow the trailer for Bride Wars all the way through you'll see it just degenerates into the two women trying to ruin each other's perfect day...can you see where the story will end up going?

It's really painful to watch, see what you think. I actually wonder what Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson were thinking about signing up to this.

While I'm on reasons why I shouldn't have written this at all, here's another. Variety keep ignoring the entire blogging community but now they have an embeddable video player with their advertising all over it, taking advantage of the blogging community to advertise them even more.

Wise up Variety and give something back. Just not more of this drivel.



The females will lap this up. Although, it doesn't look too bad to me :-s

Oh Billy, really?! Will you be off to see it then?

Ouch. I could almost have gotten a bit on board had they been sworn enemies, hence why they wouldn't just have a double wedding.

I doubt I will Richard. I just have a soft spot for Anne Hathaway. [Blushes]

Well haven't all us red blooded hetrosexual males?


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