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Buck Rogers by Frank Miller?

BuckRogers.jpgit was way back in September of 2007 that we heard the television series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was heading for a big screen remake, and then things went strangely quiet. Some time later we heard that there were studio changes, and that was that.

Today though there's the faintest glimmer of a suggestion that he might make it back. Of course it could be another really well known science fiction character, perhaps Dan Dare, or Flash Gordon, or absolutely anyone. However there are a few hints that it might be Buck Rogers.

One of my father's onscreen lusts, Colonel Wilma Deering played by Erin Gray, said way back in 2007 that a comic book producer was trying to get hold of the rights to make the film, now that sounds like it could connect up very well with the interview that IESB gabbed with Deborah Del Prete, the producer of The Spirit.

Mind you, looking at her career she's not actually that much of a producer of comic book films - she's actually producing Green Street Hooligans 2 and The Lavender Hill Mob, but Frank Miller is and he was linked with the name of director a few months ago, although the studio were quick to say no deal had been made and no rights had been bought...yet.

So this could be Buck Rogers then? Well they now have an "inside source" claiming that it is Buck Rogers, but again that's the usual inside source who could be the tea lady or cleaner for all we know.

It does look like it could be a film version of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century though. The original told the story of a NASA astronaut who awakes after some five hundred years of suspended animation in a universe that sees an advanced, and in many ways stunted, planet Earth under attack from an alien race. Once he is accepted by some of the modern world he joins the fight to save his future Earth, but is under constant suspicion by others and sought after by the enemy.

It was a great fun series and followed a similar vein to Battlestar Galactica, and look where that remake brought it. Imagine that kind of modern, more serious view of the story could bring Buck Rogers? Somewhere very interesting I should think.

My only qualms are for Frank Miller directing. Sure he's good, but will he just "Sin City"-ise it?



Frank Miller is a great comic book fantasist despite his 'right wing' politics-- his classic reworking of Batman and Daredevil have been stamped as a groundworking foundation for similar veined adventures.
I genuinely do admire his stuff but am still -waiting for the complete Spirit movie rather than making judgement on the trailer before i can honestly say that we have a great visual visionary.
I have in my mind -what i imagined a movie Spirit would be like-after reading years of Will Eisner's brilliant strips of his character.
(Has anybody read Will Eisner's -A Contract with God And Other testament stories? or the powerful -The Plot- which challenges historical and present day racism against the Jewish people- )
Frank has in his briefcase a unique system of film making- as used in the superb Sin City and 300- now to me -that originality- will spoil the visual impact if overused-looks like The Spirit has it- and needless to Buck Rogers may become victim to this limited stunning effect-
If Frank wants to rework the myth of Buck Rogers- Because of the history of this much loved character in its many incarnations -it will be ultimately the script and not just the visual effects that will make it a success- and Frank is a good writer-but needs to use less of his own politics and try to create a fresh entertaining scifi blockbuster with a memorable yearning for a sequel.


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