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Bull Durham sequel?

BullDurham.jpgIt's been twenty years since Bull Durham was released, and now there are rumours that we could be seeing a sequel. Why not I suppose, not many films have escaped Hollywood's zeal for sequels.

Would you be interested in Bull Durham 2?

Bull Durham starred Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. Costner played Crash Davis, as a veteran minor league catcher. He's assigned to the Class A Durham Bulls, to help coach their rookie star, played by Robbins. Sarandon plays a groupie who romances both men, and creating chaos.

The New York Post, through /Film, say that Kevin Costner and director Ron Shelton are working on a sequel. It would take place twenty years later, with Nuke and Annie married. They will own a baseball team, which Crash Davis manages.

It's all rumour at this stage. But would you want a sequel to Bull Durham? Costner could certainly do with a hit.



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