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Christian Slater on Heathers 2

ChristianSlater.jpgIt's been two years since Christian Slater was rumoured to have signed up for Heathers 2. Obviously nothing came of it, but the idea refuses to go away.

Slater has been talking about the possibility of another Heathers film, and he sounds up for it.

Christian Slater was asked on AOL TV about Heathers 2, and here's what he said via Cinematical.

Yeah, sometimes I see Winona and she's like, 'Are you ready to do Heathers 2?' And I'm like, 'Sure!' I would do it in a heartbeat. I would totally love to do that character again -- J.D. We'd have to have a scene in there where's he's watching The Shining or something, you know? We'd have to see that he's collected all of Nicholson's movies. Just to really make sense of it all. [Laughs] That would be like a dream come true for me. So we'll see -- if they want to put something together, I'd be thrilled.

So it's Winona Ryder stirring up enthusiasm again. The original rumour had Christian Slater making an appearance in an Obi-Wan fashion. Obviously Winona Ryder sees herself in there somewhere too.

The first was a great satire on high school, but would it really work again? And with Slater coming back in that way? Do you even want them to try?



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